Welcome to my website and blog.  I'm a garden designer and biologist who is interested in the relationship between humans and the natural world.  I believe that well designed gardens, by slowing people down and directing their attention to the life within them can be a powerful tool in mending this relationship and re-establishing our feeling of being part of and belonging to this earth that we inhabit.

To find out more about me I suggest you turn to About Me.  To see some of the gardens I've designed over the last 20+ years please turn to Garden Design Projects.  My current work on how gardens and other contemplative places can affect the people who visit them is in Special Places.

My blog, Contemplative Gardens, is a collection of my observations and ideas around this subject.  It ranges far and wide!  If you'd like to share your thoughts with me about anything I've written I'd be very happy if you would  email me at kef [AT] contemplative gardens.co.uk