Children in the Quiet Garden

A small party of primary school children came to visit the garden. They were very excited because they had seen it on the local BBC news the night before. We invited them into the garden and sat them on the seat where we explained how the labyrinth worked.

We explained about the labyrinth
Great concentration

We said that concentrating hard on walking along the narrow path helps your worries to go away and you can be peaceful. We talked about the difference between labyrinths and mazes. In a labyrinth there is only one path so you can’t get lost and you can concentrate on the journey. In a maze you have to choose between paths and you make a lot of mistakes before you reach the centre.

We say that you lose yourself in a maze but find yourself in a labyrinth.

The children then walked the labyrinth with great concentration and we were told they talked about it all day afterwards.

The garden is being rebuilt at a school. We hope that the children there will learn how to lose their worries and find peace and quiet in the labyrinth.

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