Here is a poem by Kenneth Steven from his new anthology, ‘Coracle’


The garden is walled with quiet
Ten feet tall. I have come inside a silence.

Rose petals jewelled with dew
And in each one a sun.

Swallows, soft felt flittings, trapeze the air;
An endless whisper of criss-crossings.

I hear a woven hum of bees
Holding their notes, hovering, burrowing deep,

As the sun from the mist
And morning, warm, in blue and gold, begins.

This poem evokes for me so much that is special about a quiet contemplative garden and how such a place can work on the human mind. The first two lines make tangible the silence, within which bees, swallows and roses can have their being. It makes me aware of the silence in myself, within which my thoughts occur. There is a feeling of spaciousness and those sometimes bothersome thoughts are seen for what they are, just thoughts, and they don’t seem so important any more.

IMG_4541PS If you’d like to find out more about Kenneth Steven’s work his website is at

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