Spring is on its way

I find that spending time quietly in my garden is very refreshing so several years ago I decided to share this pleasure and I began inviting people for mornings or afternoons of quiet contemplation. Those who came really enjoyed the opportunity to come to rest so this week I’m opening the garden again for the first time this year.

The invitation is to come along and just ‘be’ for an hour and a half. Clearly this is a lovely thing to do on a balmy summer’s day but on an overcast and chilly March morning?

The trick is to wrap up very well and to carry a hot drink to warm the hands. Thus clad and sitting on a damp proof cushion it isn’t too cold and we can tune in to what is going on in the garden and make the discovery that Spring is very much on its way in spite of the bleak prospect from the kitchen window.

Wordsworth daffodils

The daffodils (Narcissus pseudonarcissus) are, of course, easy to spot but the tiny blue Chionodoxa that are pushing their way up through the soil throughout the garden are less obvious until you get up close, and you have to be there with your nose in the flowers to catch the beautiful scent of the Coronilla that’s been in bloom all winter.

Coronilla valentina ‘Citrina’

It’s about now that the birds are really beginning to turn up the volume, especially the very noisy great tits that make a tremendous racket. There are heaps of gleaming spotty frogspawn in the pond which we can’t seen from the house. There may even be a ray of sunshine for a few moments which feels warm on the back of the neck and which had encourages a bumble bee to sleepily explore some comfrey flowers.

Suddenly the peace is disturbed. A heron flies in, no doubt making for the pond and any remaining amorous and therefore unobservant frogs. It is chased away, not by the sight of tightly swaddled humans but by a gang of four or five very angry and very noisy crows. Crows often mob herons and they really are very aggressive.

All life is there, just getting on with it and we can ‘be’ there too, part of it.

If you too would like to ‘just be’ in my garden from time to time, please get in touch through my contacts page and I’ll send you the details. Of course you can simply stop and notice at any time, if only for five minutes, in any other green space.

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