Let it be a Garden

unopened into light
the rose gathering her warmth
to sun the silence and to still
this step we bring inside -
our loudness and our doubt;
to down the noise of all our talk
and be inside a quiet for a time,
to learn what quiet means and heals -
to take it back at last outside
and break small pieces for the ones
who have not heard or held
what gift was ours

This poem by Kenneth Steven kennethsteven.co.uk from his new anthology 'Letting in the Light' expresses for me the purpose of the Contemplative Garden. I've been opening my garden for a couple of years now so people can slow down and 'be inside a quiet for a time'. I like to believe that as the poem suggests we can absorb the refreshment that comes from connection with the other than human world and take it back outside to share with others.