Natural Swimming Pond

Some clients requested “A little piece of paradise”. They wanted something which looks beautiful where they can swim and entertain their large family. This garden was featured in the Financial Times.


They were attracted by the idea of chlorine free swimming in a beautiful natural pond, which would be lovely to look at in and out of the swimming season.

The build by a specialist company took several months, many diggers and involved much mud!

The result looks completely natural. The water is slowly circulated through the filter and regeneration zones at the sides of the pond and the plant roots remove all the extra nutrients that might otherwise stimulate algal growth and turn the water green. The water in the central area remains soft and crystal clear, beautiful for swimming.

A small fountain in an old millstone provides entertainment for humans and others. The curving line beneath the water level shows the wall that separates the clear swimming area from the planted zone.

There is something incredibly romantic about being able to swim straight up to water lilies and examine them from close quarters. Quite often a dragonfly or a damselfly will fly past.

A bridge was part of the brief. This one was designed so it’s possible to swim right underneath.

Several varieties of Miscanthus are part of the backdrop to the pond. They grow on the mound that was made from the spoil from the pond.  They look good from late summer right through the winter.

With subtle lighting the pond remains attractive well into the night and midnight dips are not uncommon! Night time photographs by Mike Shackleton from Ornamental Garden Lighting Ltd.








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