Reclaimed Cottage Garden

This original Tudor cottage has been renovated and extended but badly needed an appropriate setting to show how pretty it really is.

The garden was built entirely from reclaimed materials that were found on the site to make a very quirky cottage garden that is a natural extension of the house. The client’s brief was for an informal unpretentious space full of colourful cottage garden plants, with somewhere to sit in relative seclusion even though the garden is at the front of the house.

The design grew from these requirements and the possibilities offered by the limited materials available. The landscaper relished the challenge of incorporating everything he could find, creating unusual inserts and motifs in the hard landscaping. All this was entirely appropriate for a Tudor cottage where using found materials would be the norm.

The result is a garden which immediately looks as if it has always belonged to the cottage, quite charming and a considerable attraction for passers by.

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