About me


I became a Garden Designer in 1990 having completed the one year Garden Design course at the English Gardening School at the Chelsea Physic Garden.

Before that I studied Natural Sciences at Cambridge University concentrating on plant sciences in my final year after which I taught Biology to A level.  Garden Design was a natural choice for a botanist who wanted to work from home.

My design practice was for private clients, mostly in and around South West London where I live.  A number of my gardens featured in books and magazines.  For several years I was also a member of the Kew Gardens education team when I showed parties of school children how plants are adapted to their environments  and explained how important tropical rainforests are to us even though we live so far away from them.  I also taught the plant and soil science section of the Garden Design course at the Garden Design School at Painshill Park for 9 years.

Nowadays I'm pursuing my interest in the ways in which garden designers can help mankind to rediscover our intimate connection with the other life forms on the Earth.  A connection which is essential for our own survival.

Kristina Fitzsimmons