Garden Design Projects

Every garden I’ve designed is different because each garden is individual to the client and no two clients are the same.  In addition each piece of land has its own soil type, topography and aspect which inform all my design decisions.

The features all the gardens have in common are strong underlying shapes which come to the fore and make for a sense of place even in the winter when the plants are quiet.  This structure is softened by the plants which are chosen so that the garden changes with the seasons and there is always something to stimulate the senses, beautiful plants to look at, smell, touch, sometimes taste and even to listen to!  Plants are chosen to attract wildlife so birds, butterflies and other creatures add to the enchantment.

Over the years my clients have often told me how restful they find their gardens and how life enhancing, a real escape from their busy lives.

Each garden has a different story. Have a look at some of my projects to see how my gardens have changed people’s lives.